March Madness

Apologies: this isn’t actually a blog about March.. well, sort of. It includes the last few days of March and the first week of April… But the title was too catchy to resist.

So earlier this month we had a short term team come work with us! They were all wonderful to have.. but I have to admit Ansley was my favorite!

Having Ansley here was kind of weird. It was kind of better than parents’ week though. For parents’ week our schedule was totally out of wack, but it was mostly normal for the short term team. They even stayed in our apartment! So here’s my best shot at remembering and blogging the week:

Day 1, Friday: They arrived that morning a bit before lunch. Derek, Matthias, Micah, and I went to pick them up. (Matthias’ brother Bryan was also here.) That afternoon, Ansley and Anaya (another girl) accompanied me and Madeline to our discipleship at Angelita’s. We’ve been going to Angelita’s since before Christmas and she had never missed a Friday.. until this one. So, Madeline taught as planned just to Angelita’s daughter and boyfriend. Later that evening, everyone went out to eat at Shopping.

Day 2, Saturday: That morning, Lauren and Madeline went with Mickey and Alex (from the short term team) to do ministry at the prison. Meanwhile, the rest of us treated ourselves to one of the best breakfasts you can find on the island– Africafe. After breakfast, we took them souvenir shopping at the Sucapira. Which I love, but can also be a bit traumatizing your first time. I think the girls handled it well, though. That afternoon, we went to a women’s meeting/celebration. And for dinner we ate at Cometa. Cometa is kind of a favorite of ours. They serve burgers and pizza.

Day 3, Sunday: Easter!! At church, all of us American’s led the service. The short term team did a great job jumping right into the skit and singing with us! Mr. Derek preached a great message, as well. The planning and prepping for this Sunday was crazy, but we pulled it off! That afternoon, we went to the interior for a service. Ansley, Hadassah, and I went to the back to help with the kids. Ansley put on a brave face, but I think all the kids screaming in a different language kind of overwhelmed her just a bit. After the service, our team drove on to Tarrafal (the nice, touristy beach town). We went out to the cutest restaurant. There was live singing and the guy sang Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran for us! Michelle even got to go onstage and sing “Love Yourself” with the guy!! We spent that night in a hostel; I even got to share a room with Ans!

Day 4, Monday: We spent the morning relaxing on the beach. The weather was absolutely beautiful! That afternoon, we rode to another town for a boat ride/tour of the caves/time on a private beach. Can you imagine the sketchiest little wooden rowboat with a motor? Okay, well this boat was worse than that and there were 19 of us on it. Good times. A bit dangerous? Maybe. Did anyone die? No.

Day 5, Tuesday: That morning we sent the team on a scavenger hunt around the city. It was too easy. I am disappointed that they did not struggle like we did on our first scavenger hunt. We also made theirs much less complicated than ours was. Either way, I regret not making them suffer more.. kidding.. mostly. That evening we went to our normal basketball ministry. We had a great turnout!! Six kids accepted Christ the night!! It was awesome!

Day 6, Wednesday: That morning, Hadassah and I did a short little meeting/teaching about how to study your Bible. Did either of us feel qualified to do that? No. Did it go well? Yes! Hopefully we shared some insightful and encouraging words. That afternoon, Ansley and I went for a milkshake and just to catch up one on one. I’ve really missed her. We had a training with Pastor. He just might be my favorite pastor in the world. I only hope that I will effectively be able to use everything he has taught us. I always feel so encouraged after a meeting with Pastor. That night we had our normal Wednesday night church with our group. Alex gave the message. She was the leader of the short term team. Alex is on staff at Global Year and around 4 years ago she went on a global year to South Africa.

Day 7, Thursday: Some of the team went back to Sucapira for more shopping. Ans and I stayed back to get her packed up. I sent back half of my things with her. We had dinner at Ice where they serve a waffle topped with ice cream and strawberries and caramel. It is truly wonderful. I had a long talk with Alex about what to expect when I leave and go back home. It was very relieving and absolutely terrifying all at the same time. Yes, that is possible.

Day 8, Friday: We loaded up and left the team at the airport. Really killed me to say goodbye to Ans, but my heart is happy here, too. Also I have some very, very, very important news to leave you all with: SHE CRIED SAYING GOODBYE.

3 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Great blog! Thank you for sharing the week with us! Tell everyone hello! I love you and I’m counting the days til I see you again. 26 days!!!


  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about that transition home too…I imagine that it might be like some kind of temporary reverse culture shock. I’m glad that you had the opportunity to talk to someone who has had a very similar experience. Thanks for the update! Love you so much!


  3. Glad to read another one of your blogs, we have missed them. Sounds like Ansley fit in with your team really well, just glad she wasn’t gone so long. Now we are counting the days until you are home. Love you, Nanna


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