Day 127

Day 127 – January 22nd, 2018

Tuesday morning Pepe was super stressful. My kids were super wild and crazy. And yes, to some extent they are crazy everyday, but this day was different. So so so crazy. It was still an overall good day though. Any day I get with those kids is a good day in my book. I just love them so much.


Wednesday morning my kids at Pepe were just normal crazy. It was a really, really good day.

I also taught our American group church. I think it went well… at least I hope it did. I talked about the importance of giving thanks to God.

Our language class was canceled. Unfortunately. I really enjoy my language class. I feel like I’m learning more and more. But it was nice to have the afternoon to just study God’s word and do some refueling.


Thursday was an absolutely amazing day at Pepe. We now feed the children lunch and the teachers always offer me food, but Thursday they gave me 2 pieces of bread and boy was it good. Cape Verde bread is just something special.. not as good as Amma’s homemade bread, but still really good. I was sad that my little friend Wilson wasn’t there. I missed him. The weather was in the 60’s this week though and I was told by a teacher that sometimes parents keep their kids home during this “cold weather.” At Pepe, we are teaching the students about Cabo Verde history and the different islands this month. I think I could sing more of the Cabo Verde national anthem from memory than I could the American national anthem…

My Thursday afternoons are when I normally prepare for any upcoming teaching or discipleships I have, but this week it wasn’t my turn to teach. So, I spent the afternoon doing podcast studies on Revelation. Good stuff y’all.

Thursday made it an official 4 months that we’ve been here. Thats weird.


Friday I got a few packages. I received the team’s Christmas presents and encouraging letters from people at the school from my mom, school things for our Pepe kids from Mrs. Sharon Eckler, and my Christmas present from Uncle Nate and Aunt Dawn. Thank y’all so much for those. I cannot wait to see how excited not only the Pepe kids, but also the teachers will be for the new supplies. Most of all, thank you to everyone that has sent not only me, but also my teammates encouraging letters. They mean more than you know.

There are a ton of ways we could use your financial support here in Cape Verde. A ton. If you would be interested in that, please comment or get in touch with me at But we always need your prayers and encouragement. ALWAYS.

Madeline, Ashlyn, and I went to Terra Branca Pepe Friday. It is Ashlyn’s current Pepe and mine and Madeline’s past Pepe. I love going back to see those sweet kids. Unfortunately the numbers have dropped because there are some families that just can’t afford it anymore. Pray for those kids because they probably just lost the only connection they had to anyone telling them that Jesus loves them.


Saturday I spent the morning at the Sucapira with Hadassah, Titi (Hadassah & Michelle’s disciple), Titi’s sister, and their kids. Hadassah was so sweet to help them buy clothes for the kids. She got them all like at least 5 things and it was under $30. Sucapira is just a HUGE market that sells pretty much everything. Everything. Seriously. Titi also took us back to her house and gave us cuzcuz (a cake type thing). Titi makes the best cuzcuz in all of Cape Verde.


Sunday was an awesome church day. We had our Cape Verde friends teach Sunday school instead of the Americans. And that went great! Also we had a ton of people that said they want to be baptized. Almost everyone that went up to the front has been discipled by one of us Americans. So exciting to see God do such big things here in Cape Verde.

We didn’t go to the interior like normal. Instead we went to a church league soccer game. Unfortunately our church lost 2-3. It was still a really fun time though!


Today, I am not feeling too well. My allergies are awful. Say a prayer for me that this mess goes away.

3 thoughts on “Day 127

  1. Praying especially for the kids at Cape Verde. Hoping funding will come to help get those kids back in preschool. You really have such a heart for them! Love you so much! Also praying for your team and your work there.


  2. Wow!! Day 127 seems like a bunch of days. Glad to hear things are going well. It seems like 2018 is flying by – January will soon be over. You will turn around twice, and it will be time to come home. We miss you. Your daddy drove up in that little black car the other day, and for just a second, I thought “Abigail is here!”


  3. It ‘s good that you’re at the halfway mark, it seems like you’ve been there forever but now you are on the downhill side. Sounds like you are getting more confident in everything you do. Keep up the good work.
    Hope you get to feeling better, lots of people here are having bronchitis and the flu.


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