Day 120

Day 120 – January 15th, 2018

Tuesday was our first day back at Pepe in like 3 weeks and boy have I missed my kids! It was so good to go back and see their smiling faces!

It was also our first day back in our Portuguese class in like 3 weeks. I retained a lot more than what I thought I had. Portuguese still isn’t wonderful, but it really is improving. I can understand almost everything I hear.. I just can’t respond well. But I’m better than where I started.


Wednesday at my Pepe in Achada Mato we discovered one of our kids had been beaten with a belt. There were bruises and cut skin all on his back. Absolutely heartbreaking. The leader of our Pepe was furious and she went immediately to his house to speak with his family. Be saying lots and lots of prayers for this unnamed little boy. He’s a sweetheart. And the very first kid at this Pepe location to tell me his name, love on me, and learn my name.


Friday I went to my original Pepe location in Terra Branca. I love going back, but it was sad because its half the size it used to be. After the new year there were families who just couldn’t afford to send their children anymore. And Pepe is cheap. Probably the cheapest on the island. It breaks my heart because it means that most of those kids just lost the only contact they had with the church or with people telling them about Jesus. Unfortunately, most of the Pepe families have voiced that they want nothing to do with Jesus. Pray really hard for these families and the whole neighborhood of Terra Branca.

At the discipleship I do with Madeline, Edna, and Diana at Angelita’s house, we got to talking about how Madeline and I will be so sad when we have to leave them.. almost all of us ended up in tears talking about it. It’s going to be extremely hard to say goodbye to all of these people that mean so much to me now.

For Matthias’ birthday that is coming up, he requested that we all watch all of the Star Wars movies then on Monday go see the newest one that is in theaters. So we started that Friday night.. so far I think they are the worst movies I’ve ever seen.. but I’m still determined to finish watching them.


Saturday around 11 we went to the church to help move boxes of bibles. We got back home around 2. We moved around 2,000 boxes of bibles. We passed them out of a house, so yes, every one of us touched all 2,000 boxes. Extremely tiring work, but how exciting is it that all those bibles are here and available to new believers and throughout the city.

Saturday also makes exactly halfway through the trip. About a month or two ago I would’ve been so glad to hear that.. now it just makes me a bit sad.


Sunday was our first day having Sunday school in around 3 weeks. It was so exciting to see that we had so many new people there! Unfortunately, we had a lot of translating miscommunications in my group, but I still think it went really well. I love seeing our church continually growing.

Sunday night only a few of us got to go to the interior because the church van is broken. Unfortunately, my normal family wasn’t home. But we joined in at Madison and Ashlyn’s home. With even more bad news, the man said he wasn’t saved “because Jesus said he was coming back, but it’s been 2,000 years and he still hasn’t.” He really really needs prayers. Pray that God uses Madison and Ashlyn and the Cape Verdeans in their group to change his heart.

The good thing about this house was the children. I recognized the younger one as Dilva, a friend I made about two months ago. They are probably between 7 and 10 years old. They have such sweet souls. So they were playing in my heart and I reached back to scratch my neck and Dilva scratched it for me. Then the sister cleaned out from under my nails for me. When she first started moving the bamboo stick towards my nails I was a bit scared she was about to torture me (kidding of course). Then, when I stood up to leave, they brushed all the dirt and dust off my pants. Bless those girls and their sweet selves.


Today (Monday), I tried to finish up some scholarship stuff and look at some apartments in Kennesaw. Some days here I forget that I actually have to go to college when I get back. Stressful stuff. Y’all all better hope me and Daddy don’t kill each other before it’s all over with and settled… seriously.

Finished the night at the movies with a majority of the team and some of our friends here in Cape Verde. We saw the newest Star Wars movie. I may have only seen two and a half of the first few movies, but this one has to be my favorite.


Pray for our Pepe kids this week. We love them so much.

3 thoughts on “Day 120

  1. As always I’m eager to read your blogs. They seem to be so full of hope and joy now. Definitely will add your requests for prayers to my personal list and local churches as well. Hope you know how proud I am! Great getting to see you tonight and hear your sweet voice. Enjoy every second of the time you have left! See you in 31 days! I love you!


  2. I am so happy to hear the love and happiness and no longer homeaick…enjoy you time a d continue ue to love the children as well as the adults….God has you thwre foe a reason…ypu are doing a great job…..


  3. Sounds like your team is making a difference and have earned the love and trust of these kids. You sound so happy with the things you are doing. Love to read your blogs and are so proud of you. Love Nanna


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