Day 106

Day 106 – January 1st, 2018

Tuesday morning we had a student breakfast. Matthias and Micah did extremely well cooking the omelets. Also, very thankful for the boys because they volunteered to go do the grocery shopping for the week, meaning us girls got a bit of a break that morning.

We went to our normal Tuesday night ministry, Jean Micheal Basketball Ministry, where we lead bible studies. I taught the kids this time. It was just Rosie and Micheal, Jean Micheal’s son, but we still had fun.

Afterwards we went to deliver hot chocolate to the guards. (By guards I literally mean the men that get paid to guard houses or businesses during the night.) Most of the guards aren’t from here and most are muslim, also. I was in a group with Isaac, Taylor, and our friend Nelson. It went extremely well and was a lot of fun. We’ll hopefully do more outreach like that with the guards.

Wednesday we all went to Tarrafal (the really nice beach on the opposite end of the island). I love Tarrafal so much. We left the house a little before 10 AM and got back later that day around 6:30 PM. I lounged around all day at the beach and just enjoyed the nice weather. It was just a nice and relaxing time for all.

Mr. Tom, Hadassah’s dad, taught at Wednesday night American team church. He did most of his teaching over Ephesians. I really enjoyed what he had to say.

Thursday morning some of us students prayer walked to our church (at least walked from the bus stop) and prayed for the church and that it would continue to multiply. It was a good time for us to just pray for the neighborhood around our church. And we also spent some time brainstorming some ideas to help get some of the youth more involved and how to better build relationships with them.

I also got an extremely great package from Summer and Laura Lee! They sent me YumYum sauce and a dunkin doughnuts coffee drink!!! I’ve already used the YumYum sauce like 15 times. My second favorite thing that they sent were glow in the dark stars that were immediately put on the bedroom ceiling. They wrote a note on the back of the stars that said “because we know you miss the stars.” My favorite thing in the package was the letters I got from Summer, Laura Lee, Haley, and Megan! I love getting letters and I loved hearing about their lives. I miss y’all tons!!

Thursday night Derek and Lauren left for Paris to go to his sister’s wedding. Ashlyn’s parents and boyfriend also went home. I’m really glad I got to meet and know Ashlyn’s family better. I’m really glad they let Ashlyn come here because she keeps me sane.

Mr. Tom and Mrs. Esther, Hadassah’s parents, took us out to eat to a really nice Italian restaurant. I’ve been there a time or two before, but I was always scared to order anything other than pizza… I still ordered pizza this time, but Hadassah had “noki” (definitely spelled that wrong) and Lydia had a vegetarian lasagna and they, thankfully, let me try some of their’s. Some of the best things I’ve had since we’ve been here. It’s for sure my new favorite place to eat here.

Friday Madeline and I had our normal discipleship at Angelita’s. She surprised us though and she had cooked fish for us. It kind of weirded me out.. a lot.. because they probably bought the fish from a street vendor that had them just chilling in a bucket without any ice. But it was extremely delicious and one bite into the fish, all thoughts of where it came from and how it was cooked were far out of mind!

Saturday morning some of the team went out to breakfast at Africafe. Africafe does a huge breakfast buffet on Saturdays. But I decided to stay back because I had some cleaning that could no longer be neglected. It’s a rare occasion that I actually enjoy cleaning, but I blasted my music through the apartment and got a lot done.

I went to the movies with Ashlyn, Madison, and Madeline. It was nice to just get out of the house and go do something fun. Always thankful for times like that.

Sunday we didn’t have a morning service at church because it was New Years Eve. Instead the service was moved to 10 PM that night. The service would last from 10 PM to 12 AM then there would be a supper and a party afterwards. So, I spent the afternoon preparing food for us to take. I was extremely thankful for Ashlyn and Isaac’s help with the grocery shopping and cooking. I attempted to make the Pioneer Woman’s twice baked potato casserole the best that I could in Africa.

The Pastor preached a great service! And we had so many of our teammates to participate- Michelle sang and so did Isaac and Taylor. There was a huge crowd, too. We filled every seat in the church and then some. Good for Ashlyn, Michelle, Micah, Matthias and Isaac stayed all night. The rest of us just couldn’t hang. Madeline, Madison, Lydia (Hadassah’s sister), and I got back to the apartment around 2 AM. Hadassah came home around 3 AM.

Monday morning we are all feeling absolutely exhausted. Happy New Year.

4 thoughts on “Day 106

  1. So glad your besties sent you a package. I know that meant a lot. Sounds like a busy and exciting week. It felt weird last night knowing you were already in 2018 and we still had 4 hours to go. Proud of you and your willingness to serve. We will be there with you in about 46 days! So excited! I love you! Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year. Enjoyed this blog because it seemed like you were staying busy and having fun, too. Like to hear of the different foods you are eating and cooking. Know you were glad to hear from your friends at home, know that made your day.
    Love and miss you.


  3. Happy New Year doll. In reading your last couple of blogs, i can tell that you are feeling better. I have been praying for you and thank God that you seem more energetic. Take care of yourself and keep writing, I certainly enjoy reading them. to God be the glory. Luv you.


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