Day 103

Day 103 – December 25th, 2017

Thursday we thankfully got to sleep in a little lot later than normal which was very much appreciated. Us students spent the morning trying to plan some ministry things for us to do while Derek and Lauren are gone. Derek and Lauren are going to Derek’s sister’s wedding in France. Going to be a weird and busy next two or three weeks.

I got another Christmas present from the Harris family in the mail on Thursday. It was a cute bracelet that says “be kind.” I didn’t know it was a Christmas present so yes I opened it early, but I did put it under our tree to save for Christmas morning.

It was a somewhat free day for me because I would normally have discipleship with Titina, but that has to be rescheduled. I did enjoy getting to hang out around the apartment and getting to hang out with Ashlyn’s family and getting to know them better. I’m really glad her parents are here to be with her because I know it makes her really happy.


Friday, Michelle, Madison, Madeline, and I spent the morning making Christmas cards for the kids at the orphanage. We are really hoping to be able to get in contact with our friend that spends a lot of time at the orphanage. But even if we don’t get to go, we at least still wanted to make them Christmas cards.

The dust and wind was awful on Friday. Absolutely awful. Taylor, a global year employee and Isaac’s brother, was supposed to fly in, but his flight was forced to land early on another island because of how bad the wind and dust were.

Madeline and I had another great discipleship at Angelita’s. Nelson, Diana’s boyfriend (and our friend) translated for Madeline so she got to share her story with Angelita.

Also, very very thankful we had our very last Christmas cantata practice!!!!


Saturday we went to San Francisco beach. It was freezing cold. I spent my time bundled up laying in the sand. Some of the others were much braver than I and actually got in the water.

Good news!! The luggage that Hadassah’s family had lost at the airport arrived today!! And Taylor got to fly in and surprise Isaac!!

We finally preformed the Christmas cantata. It wasn’t all awful, and we preformed very very well, but I am so glad that it is over!!


Sunday was Christmas Eve. We didn’t have church that morning so some of us girls visited the local orphanage. We’ve probably driven by the orphanage a 100 times and I never knew that was what it was. We gave the kids Christmas cards and just hung out with them for about 45 minutes. There were about 20 kids and 2 of them seemed to be mentally disabled. We are still trying to get in contact with the head of the orphanage to see how we can plug in better.

We had a huge Christmas dinner. Mrs. Trina, Ashlyn’s mom, made some of the best dressing I have ever had… Apologizing now to all my family member’s who may have just gotten their feelings hurt with that comment… Bragging a bit now on the macaroni that Michelle, Madison, Madeline, and I made.

All of us girls had a big sleepover for Christmas Eve and we all pulled our mattresses into the living room by the tree. We sat up for a bit and talked and laughed, but honestly we were all wore out and went to sleep pretty quickly.


Monday was probably one of the weirdest Christmas’s I’ve ever had. Christmas morning all of us girls opened the presents we had under our tree. Then, I FaceTimed my family at 6 AM Georgia time to force them to get up and open presents. It was a lot of fun to get to see them all open their presents. My favorite present that was opened were the personalized golf tees I sent Daddy. They are neon pink and some say “best dad ever” and some say “give up already.” I personally love them.

I’m pretty positive that i’m allergic to cashews and I accidentally ate a few Christmas morning. I felt awfully sick the rest of the day. Not fun at all. Merry Christmas, though.

3 thoughts on “Day 103

  1. Abigail, it is so good to read your blogs, especially when you sound so upbeat and happy. Sounds like your Christmas was a good one. Glad we all got to speak to you.


  2. Glad you woke us up Christmas morning! Made my day more bearable. Hope things work out with orphanage. That will bless y’all and those kids. Love your big heart and I love you!


  3. Happy New Year….hope it’s the best ever….glad you had a good christmas and wasn’t homesick…what a story yall have to tell your children ad grandchildren one day…thanks for sharing with all of us….in fel like I’m there with you….


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