Day 98

Day 98 – December 20th, 2017

I’ve been doing good about not really missing home lately thankfully. But, Monday when Momma and Daddy Facetimed me and Zach, Cal, and Jake were all at the house and it made me a bit sad that I wasn’t there to see everybody.

Monday I also went to the movies see Justice League. Madeline bought tickets for Edna and the girls because Ciara had said that she wanted to see Wonder Woman. So the movie started at 6 o’clock. Madeline and I waited outside the movie until 6:20ish and Edna and the girls were still not there. So, we reluctantly went on in , but sat near the entry door in hopes that Edna would pop her head in the door to get us because Madeline had their tickets. She apparently showed up around 6:40 and thankfully some of our boys just happened to be at shopping and they helped Edna find us in the movie.

Also, Hadassah’s family got here! Unfortunately, they had 5 bags lost. They will hopefully get those back Friday. Still thankful that they got here safely though!

Tuesday I received 3 packages. Some I knew were coming, one was a surprise. I got my Christmas presents from Momma and Daddy which I am extremely thankful for and can’t wait for Christmas morning now.  I also got a package from Nanna filled with all the things I love especially her cinnamon hard candy and homemade blackberry jelly!! The surprise package was from Dawn and the girls in our youth! It was a very pleasant surprise and it also had my Christmas present from the Harris’ (which were two cute shirts)!

Ashlyn’s family flew in around midnight Tuesday night. I was very happy for her. She is staying with them at the hotel. I really miss my roomie, but I’m glad that she is enjoying her time with the.

We spent Wednesday prepping for Rosie’s birthday party. She turned 5 on the 20th. We had Rosie’s party at the church. It was full of cupcakes and a bouncy house! I hope she enjoyed it as much as some of us students did

At Rosie’s party I got to play with a little girl named Alicia. Alicia is around 3 and she is the cutest and sweetest thing. It also made my heart so extremely happy when her mother, Diana was telling me how much she was going to miss me when I go home. I’ll miss her and Alicia a lot, too.

2 thoughts on “Day 98

  1. Glad to hear your friends family made it there safely, it won’t be long before your Mom and Dad will Be there.
    I’m glad you got the packages and hope you enjoy it.
    We are having our Christmas lunch tomorrow afternoon, we decided on Lasagna but it won’t be the same because you and Jessi won’t be here, Jessi will be working.
    Hope you have a good, merry Christmas but we will surely miss you.


  2. Christmas was extremely hard without you here. The 6:20 a.m. wakeup FaceTime was a blessing for all of us especially with your running commentary. You still have more packages coming. Lots of American snacks. Glad the parents made it and I know y’all have enjoyed them! We’ll be there in about 7 weeks! I love you!


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