Day 95

Day 95 – December 17th, 2017

As you all should know by now, Monday is our free day. Normally, I lay around the apartment and get caught up on some rest. But this Monday was a little different. We had some fun things scheduled!

For starters, we had surfing lessons!! Super fun time! We all did really well and had a ton of laughs together. I thought I did pretty good and I had lots of fun while doing it. I really hope it is something that I can take my parents to do when they are here!

Around 5 o’clock, we went to our good friend and neighbor ElisAngela’s for tea. Going into it, I was really not wanting to go. I just wanted to take a nap. But I had a great time. I just enjoyed hanging out with her and my team and eating some great snacks. Some of us stayed for like 2 hours.

Then, I went with Hadassah, Madeline, Ashlyn, and Matthias to the movies. We also went with our friend Arthur, his parents are missionaries here, and our friend Christopher who is in our Sunday school class. We saw Murder on the Orient Express. I loved it. A lot. Some of my other friends weren’t as impressed, but I really enjoyed it. Heads up: spoiler coming!! The main reason Hadassah didn’t like it was because they killed off Johnny Depp like 20 minutes into the movie. Which I kind of agree, like how dare they kill off one of the main reasons we went to see the movie in the first place??


Tuesday  also didn’t go how my normal Tuesdays go. But it still went really well. Today I stayed back from Pepe to go grocery shopping for the week and plan meals. This is something we are supposed to do as a team on Fridays, but we’ve been getting busy and we have honestly just slacked at it. So, lesson learned. I still had fun grocery shopping with Isaac and Mr. Derek. We went to Calu, our normal grocery store, and the market for fruits and veggies. We also went into a new grocery that just opened today. Y’all let me tell you how great it is. They have Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, frozen pizzas, frozen fish sticks and chicken nuggets, salt & vinegar and hot & spicy Pringles, and Oreos!!! Finding this place may have made my day. I also may have spent $7 on Ben & Jerry’s, but every bite was worth the money.

We went to Cru at the University here. We have a friend that is in charge of Cru and so we went to help her out. (By the way, if you don’t know what Cru is, look up campus crusaders. It’s also an American thing.) Today, Lizy was busy so us students just hung out and played pool at the university. Yes, I said pool. They have a pool table outside of the cafeteria. I played and my daddy would’ve been ashamed at how out of practice I am.

GREAT NEWS!! Our friend Mana had her baby!! Hadassah, Madeline, ElisAngela, Mrs. Lauren, and I went to the hospital to see Mana and baby Gabriel. He’s precious and, most importantly, he’s healthy! Still be in prayer for Mana. The pregnancy was a bit hard on her and her health.

Our normal Tuesday night ministry was also cancelled because Jean Michelle, the guy who runs it was sick. So, instead we went to ElisAngela’s for a prayer meeting and bible study that she has every Tuesday night. God really speaks to me through ElisAngela. (Most of the team feels the same way, but I didn’t want to speak for everyone.)


I love Wednesday Pepe days because it is our P.E. day. In Achada Mato, we have a soccer field across the street we go to play on. I love just getting to play around with the kids in the nice, cool morning weather. Pepe was overall really good. The kids were a bit crazy, but not too much more than normal. It always fills me with so much happiness when I see some of my kids get so excited to see me and run up to hug me.

Then at lunch we were talking about some of the things that hold us back the most with our ministry and discipleships here. For a lot of us, it is the language barrier. Portuguese is hard y’all. So we have decided that we will only speak Portuguese during the day, except at meal times. Really excited, but also nervous. I want to learn the language so bad so I can communicate better. Y’all know I could talk a brick wall to death, so not being able to fully communicate with anyone and everyone here is hard for me. Keep praying that all of us will continue to grow in and learn the language!

Wednesday night team church was great as usual. Special shout out to Michelle for leading us! She did great!

Wednesday night I slept through the whole night!! Didn’t wake up a single time! Still woke up absolutely exhausted, but thankful for uninterrupted sleep!!


Thursday morning Pepe went extremely well! I was very tired, but me and my little friend Wilson keep growing a closer bond and it makes my heart so happy!

After lunch, I went with Edna and Ciara to get Ciara glasses. I was really glad I could help. I have awful vision and I remember being younger and having to constantly squint or sit at the front of every classroom wot attempt to read the board or just how awful it is for everything to be blurry. Getting to help Ciara just makes me feel like I helped stop all her years of doing that. I couldn’t imagine if she went on like that.

While in Plateau waiting with Edna for the bus I needed to take home, I noticed a girl walking up looking at my funny. She stopped and asked if I remembered her. I knew she was familiar, but I couldn’t figure out how I knew her. Turns out, I had met her in the Boston airport when we were getting ready to fly over here!! Such a small country! I don’t think me running into Maira was a coincidence. I fully believe it was a divine appointment. I got her number and I’m going to try to hang out with her some. Everyone pray that we can grow a friendship and that I can share the gospel with her!!


Friday morning Ashlyn, Michelle, and I kept Sarah and Lauren’s kids. It was a ton of fun, but I wasn’t feeling very well. I was just exhausted with an awful headache. Also, 6 kids is a huge handful even for 3 girls. But we did still have a good time!

I’ve been going to some discipleships with Madeline with the families of some of our Pepe kids. Recently, a little boy passed out at Pepe and even quit breathing for a time, but the doctors called it a seizure. Isaac and Ashlyn shared with us that he had on a bracelet that his parents gave him that was supposedly tied to evil spirits. Well, we happened to go to his house last Friday. His mother told Edna her testimony and more about their life. I couldn’t really understand much of what she said because I think she may have been speaking creole. But I did understand a lot of what Edna prayed over her. Edna prayed the evil spirits out of her house, her family, her life, and the woman herself. The woman also came to accept Jesus into her heart! Ashlyn shared with me that when the little boy returned to Pepe she prayed over him and for his family. She prayed for the woman without knowing her and then a few days later she was led to Christ! Talk about seeing God work big!

We also went to another house this Friday. The previous Friday Madeline went, but I did not because I wasn’t feeling well. Come to find out, not long after Madeline and Edna left, the family’s neighbor was found dead. Throat slashed and stabbed. This is just a reminder to me that this country is a dangerous place, but the Lord is protecting me. And I know He will continue to do so.

Hadassah and I stayed up talking Friday about Ed Sheeran. I love the guys music, but Hadassah knows everything about him and his music. I appreciate her music taste and how excited she gets when talking about it. So, shout out to you Hadassah for loving Ed Sheeran so much and for showing me all kinds of cool stuff about the guy.


Saturday we had a evangelism and discipleship training all day at the church. A super nice guy from Florida, Mr. Jerry, preached it. Lots of people from our church and our Pepe locations showed up. We were there from about 8 to 4:30. I just like seeing our church so full with so many people excited to learn more about outreach!

We also had Christmas cantata practice. I have fun at cantata, but sometimes it gets crazy. That’s all I have to say about that.


Sunday we had a big church service. All the baptist churches came together for a large service. Again, I love seeing all of our believers friends in one place together. Mr. Jerry preached again. I was helping with kids so I unfortunately didn’t get to hear the message, but I heard it was really great! Also at the service, I was holding a baby named Sarah. She is a super cute little girl. Her mom is head of the Pepe in Sao Fillipe. She unfortunately used the bathroom on me a bit. She’s so precious though, I definitely forgive her.

We also had a great lunch! Grilled chicken and fries from one of my favorite chicken places in the whole city!

I also got to go out to eat with Mrs. Lauren and Rosie. We were going to see our friend Anna Laura at her dance recital, but we never heard back from anyone with the location. I still enjoyed my pizza date with Mrs. Lauren and Rosie though!

3 thoughts on “Day 95

  1. You’ve had a busy week but everything sounds so great! Also enjoyed seeing you and hearing your sweet voice on FaceTime tonight! Filled my heart with so much joy! As always I love your blogs! Love your big heart too!


  2. I’m so excited that you’re so excited!😊I’m very proud of you and very thankful for all of the prayers that have been and are being lifted on your behalf…for the many people who are praying them… and for God’s honoring them and answering them in the best possible way… to Him be the praise and the glory! Love you so much!


  3. Abigail, you sound like you like what you are doing and are enjoying all the things you get to do.
    We are so proud for this and you sound like the Abigail we know and love. We do miss you very much and look forward to your coming home and telling us all about it.


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