Day 87

Day 87 – December 9th, 2017

So on Friday night we had a birthday party for Hadassah and Titi, the woman she disciples. It was Hadassah party too, but she also did a lot of the running around preparing for it, too. She was super stressed. We all tried to help her where we could, but it was still just a lot. BUT, we had a GREAT night! It was so much fun. We were all trying to speak only Portuguese for Titi and her family’s sake. Some of the team has gotten really good at Portuguese so it wasn’t as big of a deal for them. Then there were those like me that were speaking our best broken Portuguese. Still a lot of fun. We ate extremely well. We had grilled chicken and rice for supper. But before we could even eat the meal, Titi broke out the cuz cuz she had cooked. Cuz cuz is like pound cake, but not as sweet, but it’s also like cornbread because you can eat it with butter… I don’t know how to accurately describe cuz cuz. It’s just it’s own thing. I normally don’t like cuz cuz, but Titi may make the best cuz cuz in all of Cape Verde.

Today was kind of a free day. Derek and Lauren went with Hadassah and Ashlyn to breakfast to plan out their activities when their parents come at Christmas. So, Madison and I kept the girls. We had what I would call a cartoon Saturday morning: full of Disney movies and cuddles.

We also had Christmas cantata practice tonight. I don’t mind it, but singing 10 songs over and over again for 3 hours and only 3 of them are in English wears you down. It’s still a lot of fun. The Cape Verdeans laugh at our mispronunciation of the Portuguese and Creole songs. We laugh at the way the Cape Verdeans mispronounce the english songs. I love it.

Tonight I ended up talking and laughing with Hadassah and Ashlyn. This is a pretty normal thing if you haven’t already picked up on this. I was just telling them about the people from my town and some of the funny and wild memories I’ve made with my friends. Things that I thought were pretty normal apparently sound like I could be from another planet… which I sometimes agree that all of us in Wilcox could very well be from some other planet…Kidding.. well not really. Hadassah said that out of all the teammates’ hometowns she would like to visit mine the most. That touched my heart. Because it’s a bit crazy. No one wants to visit my town. There is absolutely nothing to Wilcox. But after telling them stories and just sitting and reminiscing, I realized the places we have aren’t what makes Wilcox; it’s the people. Seriously. All the wild things I’ve done that are just memories now are things I’ll never forget. Everything. From doughnuts in random fields to tractor chases to 5 of us piling into the front seat of a truck so we could all be together to all the times we could have definitely gotten into a lot more trouble than we ever did. And I realized almost every memory involves my same group of friends. I was so blessed with the friends I was given. I’m blessed for all the crazy times I had that fill me with joy now. How blessed am I to live the life I do?

2 thoughts on “Day 87

  1. I’m so loving your blogs. They fill my heart with joy. I imagine with your south Georgia accent it makes your speaking Portuguese even funnier to the locals there. I like hearing your stories of you and some of your teammates just laughing and enjoying being together. I love you so much!!!


  2. Abigail, this brings joy to my heart! I know God is greatly using you and your team! So proud of you! Sending love and prayers for a blessed Christmas 🎄❤️


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