Day 66

Day 66 – November 18th, 2017

Today makes officially two months since I arrived here in Cape Verde. I never thought two months could feel so long, but also so short. I feel like time just works differently here. Obviously it actually doesn’t.. I just don’t know a better way to explain it other than to say time just feels different here. Some days thinking that I have 6 more months here sounds like an eternity that I’ll never make it through and some days 6 months doesn’t seem like enough time here.

Thursday I got to experience a Cape Verdean funeral. Our Pastor’s aunt died and he asked us all to come. I kind of thought it strange because we didn’t know the woman at all, but Pastor asked us to come and so we went. I’m glad we did. It was an experience to say the least. First, the took the casket inside of a church, I don’t know what went down because we didn’t go in. Then we went to the graveside. At the graveside all of us students waited a bit aways from the service. We were somewhat of a distraction.. it was because we’re white. The graveside was similar to back home, but also way way way different. To start with, everyone just wails and cries and yells their lungs out; just in pure mourning. The crying got quiet when I assume they did the service, then I saw some workers moving straps and I assumed they were lowering the casket, then the cries got really loud and I knew that was what must have happened. Then, all of a sudden I saw a huge cloud of dust go up and realized they were covering the casket/grave right then. That was pretty hard to see. All the dust rising just makes things seem a bit more permanent. I thought that the loud crying was a bit strange, but Mrs. Lauren explained that when people cry at funerals, they are getting out all of their tears. Life is hard here and it isn’t a normal thing for people to cry about it. So it’s like at funerals, not only are they mourning, but they get to let go of all the built up feelings they may have.

I think I’ve written before about how much I love to look at the stars, but you can barely see them here because of all the high pollution of the city. But, Thursday night, I saw a shooting star. It just made me so happy.. the thought of it still makes me smile. I miss a night sky over Georgia. I hate all the times I took the stars back home for granted.

This coming week will be my last days at my Projecto Pepe location. There are 3 locations here and to help us to not get attached and for us to experience the different locations, we will be rotating to all of them. Thinking of leaving my Pepe breaks my heart. I’ve grown so close to my kids, but also the teacher of my class. Ms. Edna has shown me so much love and affection. She is the mom of my sweet little Ciara. Even though she speaks little english and I speak little Portuguese, we’ve still been able to communicate. Not just simple things, but she has shared some things with me and I have shared with her and we’ve just grown a loving relationship. The good news is I will still see her and her girls on Sundays at church.

Tonight, Madeline and Madison spent the night at ElisAngela’s so it was just me, Hadassah, Michelle, and Ashlyn in the apartment tonight. It has been super cool to just have the original 4 girls in the apartment again tonight!! We’ve been talking now, while just laying around in the living room floor, for almost 5 hours. Seriously. It is now 3:15 and we are going strong. It may be a tiring day tomorrow, but I think we can all agree it was worth it for this girl’s night!!

Bear with me for this last story. We were all just getting in bed when we saw a shadow person standing outside the door to the stairs that connects all the apartments. So all of us girls are freaking out. We thought that if it was Derek or Lauren they would’ve kept knocking until we came to unlock the door. The girls and I were all hiding in mine and Ashlyn’s room just discussing what or who it could be and all freakin out. The shadow person finally left and we all eventually went to sleep.. barely.. with a lot of prayers… The good news is we found out it was just Lauren. We felt bad for waking them up, but at least it wasn’t some psycho killer outside of our apartment.

6 thoughts on “Day 66

  1. Sounds like a lot going on with you! I’m sorry you’re having to leave the Pepe you’ve grown to love so much. But be grateful for the opportunity to touch other lives. Spread your sunshine all over!😂 I was glad I got to FaceTime even though our connection wasn’t so great. I’m so proud of you! I love you so much! Praying you have a great week!😘😘😘😘


  2. I love reading your writings…make me feel luke I’ve been on a vis it to where you are.
    Enjoy your time there for it will pass quickly and these wull be memories of a lifetime…love you..


  3. Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know I’m praying for you! I cried reading your blog today bc it hit me hard that you wouldn’t be at our annual Christmas get-together this year😞 but I couldn’t be more proud of you and all the work you are doing for the Lord! Hope everything continues to go well for you and your teammates! You are greatly loved and missed!! Love you girl!


  4. You are growing up in a special, different way having different experiences that most people won’t get to have. It will be something you will always remember and help you to appreciate what you have at home. Remember we all miss your pretty face and your smiles and love you so much.


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