Day 34

Day 34 – October 17th, 2017

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed in the wrong part of the world. This morning when I had just began to wake up, I heard what sounded like my Daddy on the lawnmower and felt the sun pinging in my windows and just thought to myself that it was going to be a good Saturday.. then I opened my eyes. Daddy wasn’t outside on the lawnmower. It wasn’t a sleep-in Saturday. And I wasn’t in my big comfortable queen size bed back home. But it was 7 AM, I was sweating bullets, and i had somehow smushed myself against the wall in my tiny twin size bed. It just was not the way I wanted to start my week.

I made it through the morning with no tears… Until Pepe that is. I was sitting down just a bit tired and frustrated when Ms. Edna came up and just hugged me to her chest and played in my hair. And for a second it felt just like my Momma’s hugs. That’s when the tears started rolling. Ms. Angela saw before Edna realized so she came right over and immediately asked if I was missing my family. I told her I was and then she just blessed my whole day. She gave me this big encouraging speech about how she and Ms. Edna were my family here and they told me I could come to them and tell them anything and that they love me so much. She also told me that back home I may not have thanked God enough for my family.

My immediate inner response was “I was too thankful for them,” but she’s right because I really wasn’t. I didn’t appreciate anything as much as I should have. I didn’t thank God enough for giving me two best friends as sisters. Or for parents that would go to the moon for me. Or for grandparents that love me and would do anything for me. I didn’t thank God near enough. Now, even though I miss them, I’m still praising Him for the amazing family I have. He blessed me tremendously and I will never let another day go by that I don’t thank the Lord for it.

After lunch I was feeling a lot better, but I still just wanted to go lay down and nap. Our Portuguese class had been canceled and I just wanted to spend the afternoon in bed. But, we went to the local university to help the CRU ministry here. On a side note, how cool is it that CRU (Campus Crusaders) is not only doing big things on our campuses back home, but also here in Cape Verde, too?! Anyways, even when we got there, I didn’t want to be there. I got paired with a girl that spoke NO english. So at first I was a bit uncomfortable, but after sitting with her and listening to her share the gospel with her fellow college students, I was in awe. I surprisingly understood a lot more of what she said than I thought she would. And even though we didn’t have any students come to Christ like another one of the groups, I got to see firsthand people hear the gospel for the FIRST TIME EVER. Can you even imagine someone who has never heard the gospel before?? We planted seeds in their hearts. We told them the greatest story of all time. My favorite part about this afternoon is that I cannot wait to go home and do this on my college campus. We literally just walked up to people and asked if they had a few minutes to spare and then shared the gospel. Just that simple. Anyone could do it, anywhere. Not just on college campuses, but also in workplaces and grocery stores and literally anywhere.

Unfortunately, Ashlyn was a bit homesick this morning, too. I could tell that something was on her mind just by the way she plopped back down in her bed the few minutes before we had to leave. I think us both being homesick and crying at our Pepe’s shows we’re soul sisters. But, I was really glad that she received a surprise package from back home with all her favorite snacks on the exact day she needed it most.

3 thoughts on “Day 34

  1. I love you so much! I’m sorry for the days you struggle but I’m so proud that even in the hardest times you give God the glory!!


  2. It’s okay to be homesick because if you weren’t we’d think you didn’t miss your family. That’s a bad feeling but it will pass for a while.
    Love and miss you.


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