Day 33

Day 33 – October 16th, 2016

Heads up, writing this today on Monday, but it’s about yesterday (Sunday). I tried to not get my tenses mixed up, but no promises.

I love my church here. Even though Pastor speaks in Portuguese, I still understand. And I don’t necessarily understand everything that he says as much as I can just piece it together by the verses he uses. Either way, I love it and I am learning so much.

Last night we went into the interior again. This time we were paired in groups and went to people’s houses to try and start bible study/discipling groups. Unfortunately at the house we were sent to, the woman was too busy to sit down for bible study, but Elizabette got to talk to the husband. He was telling her about some of their financial problems and she shared part of her story about when her and her husband were struggling financially, but God provided.

Sometimes at these home bible studies I get extremely frustrated. I can’t understand much of anything and the translators do their very best, but I can’t help but feel just useless sometimes. But then you have women tell you how joyful and thankful they were to have you there. And they’re in the right mindset. I’m blessed to be here. I should be joyful in every situation that I see new believers learning more wether I can understand what’s getting said or not. I’m so thankful to be here. God chose me to be here and He is using me here even if I don’t see it.

I’m already growing close and getting attached to the people in my church. They are so awesome. They’re fun and friendly and they love me as much as I love them. I’ve been here a month and I’m already struggling to even imagine leaving these people.

There’s Pastor Emanuel and his wife Diva. Pastor is on fire for the Lord and I honestly don’t believe he will rest until every person in this country knows the Lord. Diva is head of the Projecto Pepe’s. She is A-L-W-A-Y-S smiling and joyful. I love seeing Diva just because you can see how excited she is to see us in her big smile and welcoming hugs. Plus they have the sweetest relationship.

There’s Evandro and his wife Elizabette. Evandro drives the church van and he picks us up for Pepe during the week. He’s very nice and he has no idea how big of a blessing it is for us that he can take us to and from Pepe. Elizabette, Bette for short, is his wife and she is in a few of my discipleship groups. She’s so extremely nice and I loved the look in her eyes when she was telling people about Jesus. Also, she speaks some english and she always communicates with me and she is helping me with some Portuguese words. I just really love her. It made my heart happy when she gave me the biggest hug when we were paired together Sunday.

Joca is super nice. He looks super serious and he kind of is, but he is also so nice to all of us kids. He is the man who helped us through the airport when we arrived. I love his smile and how he always makes sure to greet me every Sunday. He reminds me of some of the men in my church back home. I love him and his sweet wife a lot.

Mrs. Edna is the mother of my sweet little friend Ciara and her two little sisters Niara and Miara. (Go ahead and lets all say “thats a lot of ‘aras’). She teaches at Pepe. She can kind of be a bit scary when disciplining, but she is also so loving to the kids and me. Plus she’s the mom of Ciara who is seriously my favorite little girl in this whole country. I’m not totally sure on the details of this story, but I think her husband pretty much left her when she became a believer. She is still serving the Lord those and raising her sweet girls in the church and that shows how strong she is to me and how much she loves the Lord.

Ms. Angela is another teacher at Pepe. She is extremely sweet and all the kids totally adore her, which I do too. It’s pretty much impossible to not love her sweet self.

There’s also ElisAngela. She is the mother of Gabby (who is my age, but in Portugal at college) and Lydia (8 years old). She is extremely helpful to us. And also so loving. Plus Lydia is so cute and grown to me. She’s 8 and can speak like 5 languages. ElisAngela and Lydia’s english might be more proper than mine. They live right across the road from us which I love because it means I get to see them a lot. ElisAngela is just a good, God fearing woman. I can’t wait to continue growing closer to them.

I could go on and on about the people here, but to be totally honest I’m just too tired to. I love them all. I love it here. I love being with God here. Nothing will ever be the same for me after this. I love this place that God has brought me and all the people He is blessing me with.

2 thoughts on “Day 33

  1. You sound so excited and I’m so glad you are making lifelong friends there! Loved talking to you tonight too!! I love you!


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