Day 30

Day 30 – October 13th, 2017

We woke up early this morning to go to the immigration office to get an extended visa. Unfortunately not much was accomplished, but there was nothing we could do about it. The system here is just very, very unorganized. Also, after waiting in line for about 30 minutes we were told that the person who does visas was not even there. So, we were sent somewhere else to get our headshots for them done which I guess means we at least took a step toward accomplishment. Maybe a small step, but every step counts. Everyone please pray that next week we will all get our visas renewed with no problem and without anymore delay.

Today in our Portuguese class, we spent the class cooking. Well, we did a few worksheets and we mainly watched the cooking, but we did enjoy the end results. We made brigadiero and this bread stuff. The bread stuff sounds like cuscus, but could be spelled cuzcuz, I don’t totally know. Anyway, brigadiero is just chocolate balls rolled in coconut shaving.. well the coconut shavings are optional. If you want the recipe I will send it. It is super easy to make.. BUT I will only send the recipe and ingredients in Portuguese. If I had to struggle through understanding what the teacher was saying in Portuguese and then write out the recipe/instructions in Portuguese, you can at least struggle through it like I did. Which brigadiero would totally be worth the struggle. It’s pretty much like Cape Verdean fudge.

Today after class some of us walked down to what I have previously called the “juice shop.” It’s real name is Moringa’s or some people call it Landa’s (because the owners name is Yolanda). I spoke to the waitress and bought my fresh watermelon juice (suma de melancia) and a carton of apple juice (suma de maca) all by myself in Portuguese. It’s so great to see even in the little things that I am actually learning some Portuguese.

Tonight, the team babysat the kids while Derek and Lauren went out on a date. I love babysitting nights because the kids go to bed pretty early and then it’s like team movie night. Tonight I skipped out on the movie though, just wasn’t feeling it. BUT we had some AMAZING pasta salad. I really wasn’t a huge pasta salad fan back in the States, but tonight it was just so so good to me. I didn’t even bother to pick out the onions, which anyone who really knows me knows that typically I wouldn’t touch anything with onions in it with a 10 ft fork. It only bothered me a bit though tonight!!

I was so blessed tonight to be able to see Ansley crowned homecoming queen!! I am so extremely happy for her!! Ashlyn, Hadassah, Madison, and Madeline watched with me and we were all so excited to hear her name called for queen! I cried my eyes out.. seriously.. I think I may need new contacts. I had been praying all week that she would be crowned. Literally every night I journaled and talked to God about it. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen because I didn’t know if it was in God’s will or not, but He answered yet another prayer tonight. No prayer is too insignificant for the Lord. He hears every cry I make to Him.

4 thoughts on “Day 30

  1. Abigail, I look so forward reading your blogs! Glad to hear your Portuguese is starting to click too. I’m going to try to learn some before I come!! I love you!


  2. Abigail, your mama is doing a great job keeping all of us updated on you. Your FaceTime picture with Ansley winning homecoming queen was just precious. Love you and praying for you and your team. Mama and I want to help send a care package for you and the children you are working with. Can you let your mana know the things most needed?


  3. That picture of you after Ansley won cha was priceless and so was Ansley when they announced her. It was a good night with her winning and Gracey second runner-up.
    Still enjoying the blogs and so is everyone else. When I see people in town, they tell me how they enjoy your blogs.


  4. Enjoy your time and you will be a blessing when you return home.I like your response to be a changed person for Christ. To be HIS servant to make a difference for people to see the Jesus in you.


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