Day 29

Day 29 -October 12th, 2017

I’ve kind of been skipping a day or two here and there in my blog. No particular reason.. I’m just a little lot too tired to do it some nights. Sorry not sorry, but thanks for still following along!

This was a really great week for me at Projecto Pepe. Unfortunately, the rest of my team didn’t all have great weeks at Pepe for different reasons. Be in prayer for Projecto Pepe, our time there, and the children and teachers there. I can’t really give a specific reason as to why this was such a great week at Pepe other than to tell you that the Lord just answered my prayers for this to be a great week. I can just see so much joy in those kids eyes over the smallest things. No matter what their home life is like, at Pepe they can just be kids.

Yesterday, I received a package from home! I was super glad! I’m trying to not devour it all at once, but it is so nice to know that I have some American snacks. But I will say that I’ve come to love the strange snacks they have here in Cape Verde, such as Mega Choc cookies, banana flavored icing cookies, and Krit crackers… but these can’t compare to the kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips that my parents sent.. they hold a special place in my heart.

Tonight, we went in our groups to our first discipleship meeting. In pairs (or teams) we have people that we will be discipling in hope that they will make disciples and continue multiplying the Kingdom of Heaven. It was difficult for me and Madeline because our two women can’t speak any english, we speak very little Portuguese, and our translator wasn’t that confident (but she’s still super great and I don’t blame her at all). But, I still know that the kinks will workout and the Lord will use these meetings for His purpose and He will remove all barriers.

Not a day goes by that I’m not reminded that this is the best place I could be right now. Even when I start to doubt that, God shows me I’m exactly where He has called me and He will be faithful to me here.

3 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. So glad you’re enjoying working at Projecto Pepe! You sound so much more positive. Makes my heart smile! I love you!


  2. Good to hear you sound so happy and have learned to enjoy some of their food. We need some hints of snacks for you. What about ramein noodles? Give me some ideas.
    Glad to hear you are happy with the way things are going.


  3. Hey dabby doo. I am so enjoying reading your blog. I know God is using you in an awesome way. I am so very proud of you. It doesn’t where we are, when we are working to serve God and glorify him the old devil is there trying to discourage us. Blesses my heart that you are not letting him do that. Take care of yourself. Luv ya


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