Day 24

Day 24 – October 7th, 2017 

Y’all, today me and Ashlyn slept in until almost 11 o’clock. Last night we hung up sheets and covers to block out the light that comes in from our window and we slept good this morning. I had almost forgotten what it was like to sleep in. We only got to do that because we had a free morning and let me tell you from now on out I will sleep late any and every chance I get.

Around lunch, Hadassah, Micah, Ashlyn, and I went to a small shop near our house. I wish i could remember what it was called.. something Mercado (which means market). They sell the BEST fresh juice. Us girls got watermelon with a hint of mint today and it’s the best thing I’ve drank since I got here. It was so so so delicious. But anyways, we went to do some studying for the Bible study we’re leading, but it was nice to have wifi and post the past few days’ blogs. My posts are a little sporadic so please follow the blog so you’ll be notified when I post.

This afternoon we went to a soccer game. It was Cabo Verde versus Senegal. It was a qualifier for the World Cup. Unfortunately, we watched Cabo Verde lose with only like 4 minutes left in the game. They lost 0-2. I would’ve loved to see them win and keep going, but now I hope that Senegal does well in the World Cup so that I can at least say I’ve seen them play, too. The good news is the Dawgs back home had another win today!!!

We all went to Shopping for supper. Shopping is what they call the mall here. They have an outdoor food court that is pretty good. Tonight, I ate a pulled chicken sandwich. Extremely good except they ruined another great sandwich here in Cabo Verde by putting an egg on it. The next phrase I learn in Portuguese will be how to say “no eggs please.”

While eating at Shopping, I took my laptop to use their free wifi. Very excited to have gotten in a call with Summer tonight!!

Ended the night chilling on the balcony with Ashlyn having a great conversation. I’m glad were roommates and I’m glad she’s becoming my best friend. I’m thankful for Ashlyn because she reminds me of a good mix of my friends back home, but she also couldn’t be more different and I mean that in the best way.

It’s so awesome that while Noah was building the Ark and Moses was crossing the Red Sea and Esther was saving her people, God knew I’d be here. He knew every exact moment I’d have here. We serve such an awesome God.




2 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. So glad you’re getting some sleep-ins cause I know how you love that! Teach me to say “no eggs” before we come. So good to hear your laugh tonight! Love you so so much!!!


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