Day 23

Day 23 – October 6th, 2017

We met with Diva early this morning. Diva is our Pastor’s wife and she’s kind of in charge of the Projecto Pepes. She just wanted to see how our first official week went, if we had any concerns, and what touched our hearts the most. That question kind of stumped me. I responded that it was when the kids would get so excited when you told them good job. But really thinking about it, it’s extremely hard to pinpoint just one thing that touches my heart. How can you chooses between seeing a child get so excited to see you or the first time they actually call you by your name or tia (teacher in Portuguese) or when you see them just be carefree kids. Everything at Projecto Pepe touches my heart.

Some of us went to the Portuguese Starbucks today, better known as Pao Quente. We really went in hopes to use their free wifi. Unfortunately the wifi just wasn’t connecting and we couldn’t get the code to work. That kind of bummed me out, but at least I did order a super delicious piece of cake that made it all worth it.

Today for lunch, Isaac and I helped Mana cook pizzas.. well manly Mana and Isaac cooked, but a team is only as good as their supervisor. The pizzas were really good though. We cooked pineapple pizza, chicken pizza, ad chorizo (similar to sausage) pizza. I only ate the pineapple pizza, but I know they were all good. I love having kitchen prep because it means I get to spend extra time with Mana. She’s 7 months pregnant and although she wants a little boy, I want it to be a girl because I told her I wanted her to name the baby after me.

After Portuguese today Pastor Manuel came over to help train us on their discipleship program. It’s called Fields or 4 Fields..  I can’t totally remember, but I think it’s going to work great. At the time he was explaining it was a bit overwhelming.. mainly because he was here for like 4 hours and I was starving. But now I’m super excited to get started.

We had chicken tenders today for supper. Normally I wouldn’t eat baked chicken tenders because I really only like mine fried, but I ate 3 of them. And I would have eaten more, but there were 9 of us kids eating and Derek and Lauren. So I limited myself, but I will be buying some of those for our apartment as soon as possible!!!!

Projecto Pepe could always use more supplies. If you feel like giving, please email me and I can tell you some things that we could really use! Also, please pray for our van. Seems silly, but it’s giving Derek some trouble right now and it makes things more difficult and expensive for us to travel when it isn’t working. So seriously be praying really, really hard for the kids at Pepe and for our van!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. Makes me realize how we take the simple things for granted until we don’t have them…like chicken fingers…Ithe most humbling thing I learned when working in sp.ed. is how many thi gs that come. Natural to me doesn’t for everyone..those children taught me life lesson I’ll never forget and some never spoke a word….the heart spoke…..and we understood each other perfectly. ..


  2. I need ideas for Project Pepe!!! You’ll have to cook the family some Portuguese meals when you get home! It touches my heart just to read how excited the children are to have you guys there! You’re working miracles doll!! Miss you!


  3. Hey Abigail! I would like to send some supplies -what’s your email address? My email is Please email me the info. We are all so very proud of you & love you! I want to share with you my favorite bible verse:

    Joshua 1:9
    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong & courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”


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