Day 22

Day 22 – October 5th, 2017

Much, much, much better day today!

To start, Projecto Pepe was just a lot more fun and enjoyable today. Yesterday I was way too tired and I can’t fully love and serve those children like that. Today, Madeline and I were in charge of teaching english to the 3 & 4 year olds. Not an easy task. They are very interested in something.. for 5 minutes if you get lucky. Then to make it even more difficult it seemed that the kids were extra rowdy today. Which tonight was a full moon so I feel that kind of explains that. PS: if you don’t understand what I mean then ask someone who works with kids or in a school system what the kids are like around a full moon. But it was still a great day. I got lots of love and feel like I gave lots of love. I love hugging these kids, they get so excited about it too.

I realized today that my industrial bar piercing will, unfortunately, probably not survive the trip. For those of you who know what piercing I’m talking about, you’re probably glad because it was never a fan favorite, but it was mine. Anyways, the kids don’t pull on it, but when they play in my hair it gets yanked and yanked hard. I thought I could’ve cried today when a girl accidentally tugged it. Going to give it one more week at Projeto Pepe before I make the heartbreaking decision to take it out.

At first I hated that it was my rotation to do lunch prep, but I’ve actually really enjoyed it this week. And, I don’t think I’d be going too far to say that some of the best meals we’ve had have been this week. Plus it’s some extra time I get to spend with Mana- she’s the best!

I had another great day in Portuguese class! I feel like I’m really getting it. I was a bit nervous today because Mrs. Deizy paired us up and took u out into the school to try and converse with someone in Portuguese. But I ended up really enjoying it and did a lot better than I thought I would. I was so excited when we got back and class and Mrs. Deizy said I was one of the one’s that did very well.

After class, I laid around and watched a movie I had downloaded. It was one of my favorites and it felt nice to feel like I was doing something normal.

Hadassah, Madeline, Madision, Michelle, and I went with Mrs. Lauren to take Rosie and Violet to the park. I really didn’t particularly care about the park when I said I would go as much as I just wanted to get in the car to go somewhere because I just love car rides. But, we ALL had a really great time at the park. It did feel kind of like home when all of us older girls were climbing and playing around just like my friends at home would have. Plus the weather was SO nice and the moon was absolutely beautiful here tonight.

Even though our wifi is limited, I got to call home for BopBop’s birthday. For those of you who don’t know who that is, he is my daddy’s daddy. It was really the first good conversation I’ve gotten to have with my grandparents since I got here. It was good to hear that they had missed me. I was scared that the call was going to make me feel homesick, but it was the total opposite. I felt more at peace when I hung up. It was nice to hear them tell me that they’re proud of me and love and miss me.

Y’all we had hotdogs for supper. They weren’t grilled or anything, but they were still so good. I enjoy things that remind me of home, but it also just makes me realize how different things are here. Sometimes I like that it’s different, but sometimes it just makes me miss things back home. Like Zaxbys and Rancho Grande and McDonald’s fries. Even though I’m learning to love the food here, I cannot wait to get home and binge eat on all my old favorites.

Ended the night sitting around the kitchen with Hadassah, Ashlyn, and Madison. I LOVE girl talk!! I wish Madeline and Michelle were night owls like us! Either way I love these talks where we talk about the Bible, our political views, and everything in between. Crazy to think they we may only be 18, but we’re old enough to have our own opinions separate from our parents or our town’s mindset.

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