Day 20

Day 20 – October 3rd, 2017

Started the morning off bright and early at Projecto Pepe! As crazy and loud and hectic as it is, I love every minute there! Ciara’s (my sweetest little friend) mom is the teacher of the class I help in, and, because the schools here are a bit different, Ciara doesn’t have to be at school until after lunch she is in the class, too! I already loved her to pieces, but it made my heart smile to see her helping take care of the younger students! She also became my hair bodyguard. She refused to let anyone but herself play with my hair, which I am extremely thankful for!

The kids at Projecto Pepe just make me so happy. They’re excited to get one crayon to color with and what seems like raggedy toys to me are treasures to them. Some- well really most of them- don’t have the best home life, but they’re happy as can be at Projecto Pepe.

This week, I am on lunch prep with Isaac. That just means I go down for lunch earlier than everyone to help prepare the meal and set the table. Today, we helped Mana cook “Krit Cracker Casserole.” This casserole was baked chicken mixed with some kind of liquid that I assume was some kind of broth, but I didn’t ask and topped with cheese and crushed Krit crackers. Krit crackers are the Cabo Verdean Ritz crackers. Anyways, the casserole was SO GOOD!! I was really proud to have gotten to help prepare it!

Today at our Portuguese class I was miserable. Mostly because I was struggling today. We were conjugating the verbs “ser,” “estar,” and “ter.” Me and conjugating don’t get along. I felt so so so lost the entire class even though now looking back I realize if I wouldn’t have let myself get so mad it probably wouldn’t have been half as hard. But then I realized that today at Projecto Pepe, I understood so much more than I would have even 5 days ago. So, I need to stay focused in class and know that the sooner I learn the language the sooner it will be 10x easier to share the gospel and God’s love and fulfill my purpose here.

After supper, we went to John Michelle’s to get ready for our first official community bible study next week. He runs a big basketball ministry here. He’s super nice and it’s so obvious that he loves the Lord and desires to spread Christianity here. But, I was exhausted and felt so bad because I was having an extremely hard time staying focused. All in all, it was still a very good night and my teammate Micah is going to do a great job leading the study next week!

Derek and Lauren told me they needed to see me downstairs in their apartment tonight after the group meeting. My paranoid self and I immediately started to freak out wondering what I could have done to get myself into trouble. But they just told me that some things had happened back home and I needed to call my parents.

I got the news that my Uncle Micheal had been in a bad wreck. I had a lot of mixed emotions about this. I’ll be totally honest and admit that at first I was glad that it wasn’t a call saying my great grandma had passed away (because thats a huge fear I’m struggling with). But I also really hope and pray that this will turn things around for Uncle Micheal. I want him to be the dad Cole and Zach deserve. I want him to be better.

Thankful to have ended the night with all 6 of us girls piled on mine and Ashlyn’s two twin beds having girl talk about silly things and serious things. I pray this trip continues to bring us closer and closer and turns us all into life long friends.

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