Day 19

Day 19 – October 2nd, 2017

I just love Monday free days. I love just sitting around and being lazy and watching movies. Just this one day is enough to make me happy and keep me satisfied through the week. I’ve watched so many movies today. It’s been awesome.

We had spaghetti today for lunch… I accidentally got the meat sauce made out of tuna.. At first, I was extremely freaked out, but it was actually pretty decent. I can’t say it was great, but I can say I will definitely eat it again. Mana is the greatest cook and sweetest woman ever. I love her so much and all her cooking!

I got to FaceTime home today which I loved! Back during senior year, when I got out for work at 12:30, on Monday’s I didn’t have work so I would drive to Fitzgerald and eat lunch with Daddy. So today, he went and got lunch and ate in his office so we could FaceTime in a lunch date. I will say I am a little mad that he decided to eat Zaxby’s right in front of me because he knows it my favorite. I was also super glad to talk to Momma today. I got to see Anna Carol for the first time in like a week! She was wearing my clothes.. not cool AC. Also got to see two of the best teachers WCHS has to offer- Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Carrie!!!!

Tonight for supper we went to “Special.” Special makes the BEST burgers in Cabo Verde! They have tomatoes, French fries, and eggs on them… SO DELICIOUS!! And it’s not too pricey; 300 escudos which is like 3 bucks back home! The burger is huge too. I was stuffed full when I left.

We’re about to have cake and movie night at Derek & Lauren’s for Madison’s birthday. Super excited for some popcorn! And team bonding, of course!

I’ll probably be without wifi until next Sunday night, but I’ll still have a blog post for everyday I’m here, they’ll just all be posted on Sunday. Be sure to check back or even better: follow the blog so you’ll be updated when I post!!!

6 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. I’m going to start raiding your closet too!!! Maybe it makes her feel closer to you. Egg in a burger sounds gross!! Enjoy the birthday celebration tonight. I love you and pray for y’all daily!!😘


  2. Praying for you. I hope you have a fun night. That was pretty mean of Stevie to eat Zaxby’s right in front of you. We’ve missed you at youth, but then I remember that you would be somewhere in college on Sunday and Wednesday nights anyway. Love you – Aunt Susan.


  3. Hamburger sounds great but without egg. Scott has had one with egg and said it was good. Love your posts and love you


  4. I enjo0yed getting to see you!!! I think Dover got nervous! LOL and the hamburger sounds so good! I think the facetime lunch date was very very sweet. Love you so very much!


  5. Hey abigail this is Ryley on mama’s phone. I just wanted to say I missed you,but not your cuddling we’re praying for you.


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