Day 18

Day 18 – October 1st, 2017

Today we went to church at our home church which is Igreja Batista (which means Baptist church in Portuguese) in Terra Branca. I was really surprised (like good surprised) that our Sunday School class was so full! We literally brought in more seats 3 times. Soon, the team and I will be leading/teaching the Sunday school class. I’m very very excited for that, but also nervous because I can only speak a little Portuguese and not all of them can understand english… BUT either way I can’t wait to dive into God’s word with them!

At church, Hadassah and I went upstairs to help with the children’s church. I loved it! I got to sped time with Ciara (my friend from Projecto Pepe) and her little sisters. Ciara has two little sisters just like me! And I love her and her sister’s like they are my sisters! I look forward to Projecto Pepe and church now because I know I’ll get to see her and spend time with her! Ciara is just so beautiful and smart and loving- I can already tell at the end of this trip I’m going to have a hard time saying goodbye to her.

We had breakfast for lunch today. Which I almost slept through lunch, but I made it and had a chocolate chip pancake and lots and lots of bacon. It was better than bacon back home. It tasted more like country fried ham, but it was really thin and so salty and so perfect. Thank the Lord for Cabo Verde bacon!!!

This evening, we went to ministry/church get together on the beach. At first, I seriously did not want to go. I was tired and I just wanted to stay home, but it was so so so much fun! We played all kind of games. I participated in volleyball, Spikeball, and a little bit of jump roping. Bu there was a HUGE soccer game going on. My soccer skills weren’t ready to play with them. We had praise and worship on the beach too… which was another thing that I didn’t understand anything, but it was a time full of joy.

My favorite part of the beach happened right before we left. Our friend Ronny played the guitar and we all just jammed together. I love the people here. They are so amazing!

PS: today was Mr. Derek’s birthday so everybody send some late birthday wishes! And tomorrow is my teammate Madison so send lots of birthday wishes her way as well!!

7 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. Glad you enjoyed your day with so many activities, you seem to enjoy it all. Sounds like they keep you busy.
    Happy Birthday to Derek and Madison. Love and miss you.


  2. Happy Birthday Mr Derek and Madison!! Keep the blog coming love it and glad you are having such a great experience! Continue Gods work and you shall be blessed!’


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEREK AND MADISON!!! I am so proud of you!!! I could never approach a stranger and get so personal and it just amazes me how God is working through you, Abigal!!! I cannot wait for you to come home and teach me some Portuguese!! 😛 Miss you sweet girl! 💕


  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Derek!!

    Happy Birthday Madison!!

    Thanks for the blog Abs!! Love reading it & so glad you’re doing so well there & love you so much!!


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