Day 17

Day 17 – September 30th, 2017

Personal accomplishment of the day: I slept all through the whole night AND I woke up early and without anyone having to tell me to get out of bed!! Seems small, but ya girl likes her sleep.

Today we split up in groups to go out and intentionally make friends we can invite to church and hopefully one day disciple them. My group was me, Madison, and Isaac. We first went to the beach where we met Emanuel (he’s 25 and in the military), Kayla (she has an adorable son), and Ana who refused to even let us tell her about Jesus because she “had her own religion.” Isaac still tried his hardest to share with her, but she just kept shutting him down. She was still very nice and gave us her email.

We then intentionally got on the bus and all sat by strangers to make friends. I sat by Linda who was very nice and I invited her to church, but I unfortunately did not get her number. I think Isaac had an extremely great conversation with the guy he sat next to. It is a lot easier to make friends here than you think. Most people are extremely nice and thankfully can understand at least a bit of english. My Portuguese is coming along, but it can only get me so far in a conversation right now.

Some of the group went back to the beach this afternoon, but I was a little lot sunburnt and couldn’t handle anymore of the sun (or heat). Michelle, Madison, and I stayed back. I planned on cleaning some (which I did do laundry), but I ended up jamming to music and enjoying the swing and view on our front balcony. I tired really hard not to nap today in hopes that it’ll help me get a batter night’s rest.

After everyone had returned from the beach, we sat around and played a sort of board game called “5 Second Rule” while we waited for supper. It’s a fast paced game and super fun with the team.

Tonight, Hadassah, Ashlyn, and I ended up in the kitchen (I don’t know why there) and had a great girls talk. About everything. Seriously. We talked about anything from what our schools were like, our best friends back home, the people that were hard to love back home, our families, just anything. I’m so thankful for awesome roommates and teammates!


2 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. I am loving reading your post… I miss your sweet self like crazy! Hunter and I call out your name in our prayers every night. We are extremely proud of your step in missions. Making friends for you should be a breeze. You are easy LOVE! Sending you our best… 😘


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