Day 16

Day 16 – September 29th, 2016 

Our two new girls arrived early this morning around 2 AM. While we hate that it didn’t work for them to go to South Africa, we’re glad they’re here. It is going to definitely be an adjustment having 6 girls in an apartment with only two showers, but we’ll make it work.

For breakfast, Mana (she helps Derek & Lauren cook, clean, and watch the kids) made French toast. Between 6 of us we ate the entire loaf of bread. After breakfast, we started the day with a prayer walk through the neighborhood again. I think we’re experiencing on of the hottest days we’ve had here so far.

We took Madison and Madilyn to the beach. It was extremely hot, but a lot of fun. I’m glad we had that bonding time. Plus I finally got some sun and I’m seeing my skin start to get darker!!!

I also embarrassed myself pretty bad at the beach. A guy walked by drinking out of a coconut, so I pointed at it and said “onde,” which is “where” in Portuguese. He replied with “Are you asking where I got this?” …The one time I decide to try and speak what little Portuguese I can the guy not only speaks English, but informed us that he was from the U.S. … Thankfully he was super nice and introduced us to freschina. Frescina is like a homemade popsicle that a woman sells out of a cooler at the beach. Last week, it would have grossed me out like no other to not know if she washed her hands or used clean wrappers or what was even in it. This week, it was good, cool, and sweet- and the best part: it was super cheap. It was 10 escudos, which is like a dime back home!!!

We had cashupa for lunch today which is pretty much like leftover stew. Everything can go in it. For example, our’s today had corn, beans, potatoes, pumpkin, tuna, pork, carrots, and zucchini and so much more. I was nervous at first, but it was super delicious. I better get used to it because they cook it a lot here.

Our Portuguese class was so fun today. We laughed with each other and our teacher. And we learned lots of new things which is super exciting. I cannot wait to be practically fluent and making friends and conversations with everyone!

I wasn’t feeling great this evening so while the rest of the team either went to the grocery store or to go pick up pizza for supper, I chilled with Rosie and Violet. I love the time I get with them because they kind of become the two little sisters I left at home.

Our wifi is more limited now, but we were allowed to use it tonight! Sorry the blogs won’t be posted everyday, but I’ll still have one for everyday I’m here!

5 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. You amaze me Abigail. Take in every moment as I know you already are. This will be one of the greatest times of your life. Prayers for you from all of us.


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