Day 15

Day 15 – September 28th, 2017

Us girls went to another Projecto Pepe location today. At first it was such a relief to see that the kids were at least separated into two different classrooms.. until game time. When there must have been at least 20 kids in a room barely bigger than my closet back home. It. Was. Wild. This Projecto Pepe wasn’t in as nice of a neighborhood as the one in Terra Brancha (pretty positive that spelling is incorrect). But the kids were still kids that need just as much if not more love.

For lunch we had fried chicken. And I love all chicken.. but not fried. Fried chicken grosses me out and they didn’t cut me a “short thigh” like my grandma would have because it’s the only piece I like. But I think I ate like 3 pieces. It reminded me of home and I’m learning that you can’t be a picky eater here.

I tried really hard to not take a nap today in hopes I’d be exhausted and maybe that’ll help me sleep at night, but I don’t think I can survive the day without a nap. By the way, last night I had my first full night of sleep. I went to sleep before midnight and didn’t wake up one single time through the night. Pray for my sleep schedule.. because it is struggling..pray especially hard for that.

Even though I secretly dread going to Portuguese class, I am learning and I enjoy it. We are in there for an hour and a half, but recently it has felt more like 30-45 minutes- thank the Lord. I wish i could just snap my fingers and have the language down perfect.. unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, but wouldn’t it be nice if it did?

After class and before supper, I went down to Derek and Lauren’s. The rest of the team went to a local restaurant for the wifi (because we now only get it for two days a week which is totally chill with me now). I had gone in and laid down on the couch and they forgot to tell me they were leaving which is fine. I enjoyed getting some quality movie and couch time with Rosie and Violet. Plus, I really want to stick it out and wait until Sunday and Monday for wifi. Anyways, Rosie and Violet were watching the movie “Home.” Which is a family/kid’s movie about aliens invading the earth and a little girl that was separated from her mom trying to find her. Silly, I know. But, I know back home it’s one of Ansley’s favorite movies to fall asleep to. I never watched it back home, but I did today and thought of her. I miss her and AC so much everyday.

Tonight, Derek and Lauren went out on a date and left the team to watch the kids and have a movie night. Rosie and Violet were in bed and asleep not too long after Derek and Lauren left. So, the team watched a movie called “Masterminds.” It was really funny and it was nice to just relax and watch a movie on a tv and sit in an air conditioned room.

Sometimes it blows my mind when I think that I said goodbye to my parents 2 weeks ago today and that we’ve only been In Cabo Verde for less than 2 weeks. These past 10 days have felt like 10 weeks. That gets super overwhelming. If it’s only been 10 days and I feel like I’ve been here forever, how will I survive another 7 months and 1 week? And no, it’s not a countdown; I just like to know how much time I have left.

Some days this seems so hard and then you see the pure joy in a chid’s smile when they hand you a toy or when you can even just ask them their name and give them some attention. I will not lose sight of why I am here.

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