Day 12

Day 12 – September 25th, 2017

Monday Free Day!!!! Monday’s are our days off here and I didn’t realize how much I would love them. Today was amazing.

We slept in until about 10, then we went with Lauren to get groceries for the week. We bought tuna at the market.. the woman cut it up with her bare hands.. there were no coolers or refrigerators.. but when it gets cooked I’m still eating it. The market is such an.. interesting place. Interesting is about the best word you can use to describe it. I am not a big fan. It’s crowded and a little gross, but I’ll learn to love it.

This afternoon we went to the beach. We walked and the walk isn’t but like 15-20 minutes long so that’s not too bad. I don’t really know how long we were there.. I laid down for what felt like two minutes and the next thing I know they’re waking me up telling me it’s time to go home. It’s such a blessing to be able to nap anywhere at anytime- a talent that has really come in handy here.

The best part of my day happened just about two hours ago. Hadassah, Isaac, and I were watching movies and Ashlyn was relaxing on the front balcony that faces the street. Well, all of a sudden, while some of us were trying to enjoy the movie, we hear this super loud crashing sound. So we look over and Ashlyn is on the ground, on top of the screen door. She just jumped up and said “I didn’t see that there,” then she runs to slam our apartment door closed. She comes back in the room and we’re laughing and she said that she thought this sketchy guy was trying to come into the apartment complex gate. So we are all cracking up, I mean it was hilarious.. Until we heard a knock on the door. Then, we all scramble like eggs. Isaac and Hadassah ran into on of the bedrooms and locked the door. Ashlyn, Michelle, and I ran into the front room and we sent Matthias to open the door. Well, it ended up being Micah, our other team member. But to make it even better, apparently Isaac was telling Hadassah that if they heard screams they were climbing out of the window onto the back balcony and then dropping down from there. I wish everyone in the world could have witnessed Ashlyn bust down the screen door.

All in all, Monday free day has been the best day yet.

9 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Sounds like you guys are having the time of your life! You all deserve a little time off and experience eating fresh tuna and lying on a beach. Ahhh to be young again. Love your stories
    Be young Be foolish but be happy serving HIM daily. Peace to your team


  2. Hahahaha that is hilarious!!!! If only captured on video 😂 I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself and random nap times!!! I’m jelly!!!


  3. I love reading your blog Abigail! I’m so glad you’re liking it and hope you get settled in soon! Love and miss you tons!


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