Day 10

Day 10 – September 23rd, 2017

Today we got to sleep in again.. well I think we got to sleep in.. I did at least and it was great. I’ll be so thankful when I am fully adjusted to this time change. My sleep schedule is struggling.

We had a prayer walk through our neighborhood today. We split up into to two groups- my group was me, Ashlyn, and Isaac. While we were walking, talking, and praying Ashlyn made a comment that kind of struck me funny. She said something along the lines that it was crazy to think that we’re living in a 3rd world country. And it is so different. It’s different to think that back home I would complain if we didn’t have any of my favorite snacks in the cabinet, but here most people are thankful for whatever meal they get. And while you can definitely see the struggle and exhaustion in some of the eyes you pass, you also see a joy and contentment that may even be greater than the joy I have. Being here is going to be an adjustment that will change me when I return home hopefully. Now, and when I get home, I don’t want to complain about anything, but in all things find something to praise the Lord for.

After our prayer walk, us girls (me, Hadassah, Ashlyn, Michelle, and Mrs. Lauren) went to a baby shower. I would say that it was very similar to a baby shower back home, but I’m trying to quit comparing everything to back home because this is my new home. Anyways, we played games and laughed and ate. Even though I didn’t understand much of what got said, I still had a lot of fu and enjoyed the laughs. I even tried the food they gave me. It was like Subway bread with Vienna sausages, which I would have typically never eaten, but I’ve got to learn to try to be more open to things, so I ate most of it. And even though I didn’t like the juice they gave me, I drank it all. Mostly because they serve it a lot here so I might as well get used to it.

For supper, Matthias, Hadassah, Lwena, Isaac, Micah, and I went to “Special Burger” or something like that. It was extremely good!!! I wasn’t all that hungry so I just ordered fries, but I tried a bite of their burgers and oh my goodness it was delicious. At first, I thought it was way too far of a walk, but I would make it again for sure.

Tonight, after supper, we took a taxi home. This was my first time taking a taxi here. The taxi drivers here remind me a lot of my driving: too fast, a little wild, they roll through stop signs, and they occasionally forget to be concerned about other drivers on the road. I loved it.

Ashlyn is unfortunately still sick. I want her to get better so bad. One reason being that she’s like my best friend here and I hate that she isn’t fully enjoying this yet. And another reason being that I know she wants to be here doing God’s work, but she just cant sick. But, she has said that she’s glad she got sick because now she’ll know how to help us if this happens to anyone else on our team (which we pray it doesn’t). Everyone pray especially hard for her.

4 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Prayers for your friend. This will be a humbling experience for you. We all need to be more humble and more appreciative of what we have. Keep up with the good works!


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