Day 9

Day 9 – September 22nd, 2017

Today, the boys had the idea that the family (meaning the team) would walk down to a local restaurant for breakfast. Mr. Derek even pushed back our morning meeting just so we would have more time together.. I unfortunately slept through breakfast. Well, I say unfortunately, but I’m also super glad. Today was the first day I haven’t struggled to stay awake during the morning meetings.

For lunch, we had fried fish, fries, salad, rice, and beans. Not sure what kind of fish it was, but this was another one of those times that when they put a good meal in front of me and I devoured it. I didn’t eat the rice or beans, but the fish and fries were almost as good as they would have been back home.

After lunch, we drove to the district of Plateau, which is where most people do their shopping, to get some things we needed for our apartments. The stores are very strange. They all pretty much have the same junk. But thankfully, we went to what is referred to as the “American Store.” I was so glad to see Lays Staxx chips and even popsicles.. now I just have to hope that our freezer will get could enough to freeze the popsicles.

Unfortunately, Ashlyn, my roommate, has been very sick. I mean she’s been sick since we got here. Today, she went to the doctor where she found out that the malaria pills she had been taken left toxins in here body. The doctor prescribed her medicine and hopefully she’ll be feeling as good as new soon!

For supper, we drove down to the Mall and ate at the food court. I had “butter chicken” from an Indian restaurant vender.. It was not bad.. But not good. That’s when I was thankful that I had eaten a big lunch. Still for dessert, Isaac talked me into trying out a “crepe.” I was a big fan of the caramel inside, but not a big fan of the outer bread or tortilla or whatever it is.

Tonight, when we got back to the apartments, me, Ashlyn, Isaac, Mattias, and Hadassah all had a movie night. Even though it wasn’t as great as when we have conversations and we were missing Michelle and Micah, I enjoyed it. I got to feeling a little homesick, but just sitting here with my new family made everything so much better.

I’ve taken my 3rd cold shower, and the bathroom light wont even cut on for Ashlyn, but were giving God all the glory for bringing us here and knowing that we are where He has called us and He will be faithful.

4 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Keep writing sweet girl…I so look forward to your posts and I am praying for you as you go on this Journey …God has lead you to go on…what a wonderful experience this is going to be…


  2. Hope Ashlyn continues to improve. You’re learning about in other countries. Not the same as home, Huh? You will be blessed. Love you and look forward to blogs.


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