Day 8

Day 8 – September 21st 2017

Good news! Last night I went to sleep 30 minutes earlier than I have been! I went to sleep around 1:30 AM here. Which seems late, but my internal clock is still telling me at 1:30 AM here it is only 10:30 PM at home. I was extremely sleepy & had a bad headache this morning, but thankfully Mrs. Lauren fixed me iced coffee & it made everything better!!!

We spent the afternoon exploring and touring Cidade-Velha (Old City). We first toured an old Fort. It was built in the 1500-1600’s and restored in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. It was very interesting to learn that even in the 90’s they didn’t have access to the machinery that was being used in construction everywhere else. We then toured an old church.. it was mostly just fallen rocks and some walls that were struggling to stay standing, but it was still beautiful. We got to walk the first road ever built in Cabo Verde. It was dirty and there were chickens, cows, and goats. Some were fenced in, some roamed free, and some were tied by one leg to trees. The smell could be a bit horrific, but, as weird as this may be, it reminded me of home.


The view from the top of the Fort. 

For lunch, we ate at a local restaurant and I ordered the plate of the day, which was chicken, fries, and rice. The fries were so so so good.. well not really. They were just bits and pieces of fries. Like it reminded me of the cheap kind my grandpa cooks and fries, but they were like a piece of home. my chicken was grilled and I was so thankful that it was grilled extremely well done. Y’all know I love chicken. The rice was just regular white rice so I put salt, pepper, and olive oil on it and it was a little bit more bearable. Overall, I was very pleased with lunch. Before lunch, we got the exciting pleasure to meet a man with a pet monkey.. Okay so we didn’t really meet the man as much as Lwena just grabbed his monkey and helped us all hold him. But the man and the monkey were totally cool.


Lwena with the baby monkey.


You can buy monkey’s for $50 American dollars.. bringing a souvenir home.

This may be my new favorite thing we’ve done. We went to a “natural pool.” I don’t know how to describe it to give it justice. It is on the seaside of a hotel, and two walls are part of the hotel and the 3rd wall is just like a regular brick wall, but then one side was open to the ocean and it created what Mrs. Lauren called a natural wave pool. I loved it. it was perfectly clear & you could see the rocks that made the floor. The pool looked 4 feet deep, but it was really 30 feet deep. I don’t know why, but there was more salt in it than normal and you could float perfectly forever.


We were invited to tea tonight by Hadassah’s grandparent’s neighbor’s sister. That sounds like something you’d hear in a story, but it’s the truth I promise. I realized hot tea is not for me. We were told that it was a huge honor and gift to be invited to tea, so I still downed my cup of tea and tried my best to not make a face. I was pretty much the only one that didn’t like the tea.. must be a south georgia thing. Thankfully, she had also put juice on the table.

Today was Gabby’s last full day home. Even though we have only known her for 4 days, she has treated us like family and gave my hope that there will be more people like her to build friendships with.. I just wish they could all speak perfect english like she could. But, we are all very excited for her to leave tomorrow to start college in Portugal! She is so smart and outgoing and friendly and I know she’s going to do great!

For supper tonight, we had sandwiches. Mrs. Lauren made tuna salad and it was soooo good. I’ve never been so thankful for a sandwich. It tasted just like it would have back home.. but maybe even better than it is back home.

I take back what I said earlier about my favorite thing. My favorite thing was tonight after supper we had a GREAT family talk. When I say family, I mean my team, but they aren’t my team anymore.. I truly feel like they are my family now. We are already growing so close and becoming such good friends while also still trying to figure each other out (which isn’t always easy, but we are growing from it). I love them and I know God purposefully brought us all together for a reason.

I also had my second cold shower tonight.. it gets easier every time and honestly I feel better after a cold shower than I do one with warm water. Also, here’s an accomplishment for you: I brushed my teeth using the sink water and it didn’t make me sick!!!! Go Africa!!

5 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. This made me laugh so hard!!! Sounds just like you! Looks like you are enjoying yourself. I miss you but I’m at peace right now. I love you.


  2. Your blog is wonderful. I love the way you compare things from home and abroad.Sounds like you are experiencing a wonderful spiritual journey. Seeing God and removing yourself out of the way to allow HIM to use you.Peace


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