Day 5 – Official First Day in Cape Verde

Day 5 – September 18th, 2017

We landed in Cape Verde at 11 AM their time, which is 8 AM our time. So, other than a few cat naps on the plane, I have been awake for about 27 hours. NOT FUN. But, again thankful for a team that can turn any complaint or negativity into a way of showing/seeing God’s glory.

The airport here in Praia was crazy. No air conditioner, tons of people in way too small a place, and I couldn’t understand half of what was said. Thankfully, Mr. Derek sent in his pastor/policeman friend and he helped us bypass most of the exit security. Finally meeting Derek and Lauren was so exciting-plus they have the two cutest little girls in the world hands down.

My first thought of Cape Verde was that it was pretty, but also ugly. There isn’t much to the scenery, not even the roads are kept up, half of the city looks like it isn’t through being built. But I love it. I love my neighborhood, I love my apartment (even though it has no AC), and I love the Cape Verdean people.

Unfortunately, my roommate Ashlyn is extremely sick. I am praying so hard that God will take care of her, which I know he will. The Lord brought us here for a reason and I don’t believe that it’s in God’s plans for her to have to go home this early because of sickness.

Tonight we threw a going away party for the one’s in the youth group that are getting ready to leave for college. They were loud. They were different. I didn’t understand most of what they said, but I loved them. Every inch of my being loved them. Half of us weren’t speaking the same language, but we all still bonded and had such a great time together.

The two that I clicked with the most would be Gabby and Lwena (pronounced Luwana). They were awesome. Gabby lives right around the corner and she is very very fluent in English (I would’ve believed it was her first language). It’s great that she is leaving for college in Portugal Friday, but I wish I would’ve gotten the chance to know her better. Lwena talked nonstop and was hilarious. She helped me & Isaac with our Portuguese. Thankfully, she won’t leave for college for another few months so we’ll get the chance to hang out with her more.

I am so so so excited for these next few months!!!

3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Official First Day in Cape Verde

  1. God will supply all your needs . Be strong in your love for the Lord as you begin to transform and understand HIS PURPOSE for your work. May God continue to open your eyes to the joy and love you have already developed. We will continue to pray for you and your family


  2. Thankful you made it there safely. I’m praying God will restore your body and give you rest after your traveling. Keep your eyes on the prize, and let your light shine for Him! Love ya!


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