Day 4 — September 17th, 2017

Today we were up at 5 AM, at FBC Woodstock by 5:45 AM, and at the airport by 7 AM. First time flying and I’ve got to say, the worst part of my whole flying experience has got to be going through the airport, such as security & bag check. I never realized how big the Atlanta airport is, but the train that runs in the airport was really cool to me!

We boarded our plane around 9:30 AM and had landed in Boston by 11:30 AM. I unfortunately was the only one who didn’t get to sit with our team. At first, that made me more nervous, but, by the end of the flight, I learned that the two girls I sat next to were sisters- one 25 and in Med School, the other 22 and was already running her own non-profit organization. I was so thankful that they were nice and encouraging with my first flight.

When we landed in Boston, we found our way to bag claim and thankfully none of my bags had been stolen!! Sounds silly, but it was a serious fear of mine. I had been communicating with Jessi because she is a flight attendant stationed in Boston. I was scared that we wouldn’t be able to see each other one more time before I left. But I was so so glad to hear her familiar voice behind at baggage claim- we’re also thankful for her because we might not have been able to find our way to passenger pick-up without her!

Hadassah lives in Massachusetts, so her family met us at the airport and took us exploring the big city of Boston. Before we even made it to of the airport, I was amazed that they had shuttles connecting the whole airport (again, didn’t know airports were so massive). We took a shuttle to the train station, which is above ground at the airport, but goes underneath the city- so not sure if it was a train or technically a subway (still cool either way).

I loved Boston. LOVED it. I loved the architecture, the atmosphere, & the FOOD!! We first went to Quincy Market, which I had previously thought would be like a farmer’s market- it was not. Sure they sold lots of food, I mean tons of different varieties of food, but it was still not what I was expecting. We ate lunch at Ned Devine’s where I tried the Lobster Rolls and they were amazing!!! I also loved the atmosphere of the outdoor patio.

After lunch, we went and checked out the harbor, the fancy title is technically the “Boston Waterboat Marina.” It was very neat, but it didn’t totally live up to the hype that I had built up in my head while walking over. My favorite part was when a man pointed at an extra large and extravagant yacht and informed me “that is Donald Trump’s dingy.” I couldn’t believe it and out of astonishment I asked “REALLY?!?” To which he casually responded, “No, but that’s what I’m going to say on Facebook.” I love people like this comedic stranger.

We then went to “The North End.” Which was basically Hanover Street/the Little Italy Community. It may have been architecturally my favorite part of Boston. I love the cobble-stone sidewalks and the unique characteristics of all the buildings and restaurants.

We also went to a church (which I have somehow let the name slip my mind), but it was the church that Paul Revere lit the latter in to alert that the British were coming. Fun Fact: the church is still used today and they have services there every Sunday morning. Also, the President/Chairman of the Paul Revere House is the 7th great-grandson of Paul Revere- talk about keeping it in the family.

Behind the church, their was a memorial for the soldiers we lost in Afghan/Iraq wars since 2001. This typically wouldn’t be my thing, but something about it touched home (and I knew my Papa would have loved it).

After that we walked our way back to the subway station that would be easiest for us to get on and get back to the airport. On the way, I realized that I think I like Boston so much because of all the street music and entertainers. I could’ve watched and sang and danced along all day long.

If I thought the Atlanta airport was bad, then the one in Boston was just horrendous. We were all already wore out from an early morning and a day full of walking and exploring Boston, but the airport just made things even worse. First, we stood in one of the longest lines I have ever seen at bag check, then, of course, we had problems checking our bags. Then after about 10 minutes in the security line, they informed us that those of us boarding in certain gates should go somewhere else for security. So, we ran to try to be towards the front of the line. The line was still long, but not as bad as it could have been. I met a 29 year old, 4th grade teacher named Jan from Toronto. She was in town visiting her boyfriend. She was super nice and after the security line, she found me at my gate and gave me a cute Canada pin that I now have stuck to my book bag. We have now thankfully boarded the plane and it is 11:50 PM and we still have another 7 hours of flying and that doesn’t even include the time we will spend in Portugal refueling, dropping off passengers, and picking up more passengers. We all may be a little exhausted, but this time tomorrow I’ll be getting ready for bed in Cape Verde!

Also, super thankful for my amazing team! Without each other to help lighten the mood and entertain each other, the airport fiasco inBoston would have been so much worse.

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