1 Samuel 17 

Today in my devotional, the scripture reading was over this passage in Samuel where David defeats Goliath. I took these verses in two ways. 

1) One being the literal David defeating Goliath, the giant. David who was a young & lowly Shepard boy defeated a giant with only a sling shot & a rock. Imagine seeing that in a superhero movie. 

David defeated the giant in his path which made me think of the giants in my path. Sometimes these giants are people & sometimes they are feelings or places or circumstances. 

The people that are giants in my life are the people that make it hard for me to love & try to (intentionally or not) take away my joy. These giants are the people that push my buttons & rub me the wrong way & put me in bad moods. And while sometimes I wish I could knock them out with a rock, that isn’t how we defeat our giants. 

I have to defeat these giants by avoiding certain people or killing them with kindness (yes I know this is literally the most boring thing), but mainly we need to pray for these people. Pray that God will help us to love them. 

If your giant is a place or situation, AVOID IT. If you think going somewhere is going to lead you to do things you know are wrong, just don’t go. Seems simple, but I know it isn’t. Don’t let yourself be put in situations that cause you to compromise your Christian values. 

2) The second way I thought about these verses were that the whole reason David stood up to Goliath was because he was defied the army of the living God. Daniel didn’t face this giant to seem tough, it was only to stand up for the Word and for God. And David gave full credit of his victory to the Lord. David knew he could face this giant with the help of the Lord. 

When facing giants, ask God to help you. It is only with his strength that we can conquer the giants in our lives. 

wishing you happiness, 

Abigail H 

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