One time I had a church camp pastor preach forgiveness in a way I had never thought of it. He said that once you are saved, forgiveness is not something you have to ask for, it is something God freely gives you. 

When I used to pray I would say “Lord please forgive me for *insert sins here.* Yet, with Christ, I don’t have to ask for forgiveness because God has already given it to me. 

Now when I pray I say “Lord thank you for forgiving me for *insert sins.* My job isn’t to ask for forgiveness, but to admit my sins & repent from them. 
Repent means to turn away. How many times do we ask forgiveness for a sin that we commit over and over? We should confess our sins and ask God to help us to turn away from that sin. 

I’m so guilty of thinking that if I pray “Lord forgive me for that thing I did” in a low, fast voice that maybe the Lord won’t hear me. Silly, I know. But now I pray for the specific sins that hold me back & ask for God to give me strength to overcome that sin. Overcoming sin is only possible through the help of the Lord. 

I pray that I will learn to forgive the way the Lord forgives me. 

Praise God for his never ending forgiveness. 

Wishing you happiness, 

Abigail H 

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