New Year, Same Love

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12

I’ll be the first to say that this task is extremely hard for me. There are many, many people that I just have a hard time loving. Wether they have done me wrong in the past, I’m jealous of them, I dislike the person they are, etc. The list of reasons could go on forever. I just find certain people so hard to love. 

But then I think “what if God thought of me this way?” What if God decided because of my actions He couldn’t love me anymore? What if God said He couldn’t love me because of all the times I ran from Him? What if God decided I was just too hard to love and gave up on me? 

The amazing thing is: that’s not who God is. God loves me despite my sins. God loves me despite my failures. God loves me even when I run from Him and He always takes me back. There is absolutely nothing I could do to lose God’s love. His love endures forever. 

So why can’t I do the same? I wonder how many times my hatefulness has pushed someone away from the Christian life instead of displaying the love and happiness it brings. I have got to put aside my differences with people and love them. I have to let go of grudges, forgive those who hurt me, and love them. I have to stop being envious of someone and love them. I have to learn to love unconditionally the way God does. 

If God can love a sinner like me, I should be able to love those around me. 

P.S. If it’s really hard to love someone, it gets easier if you put some distance away from them. 
wishing you happiness, 

Abigail H

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